Looking for some interesting facts about the Virgo zodiac sign? Here are some astrology traits and tidbits about this earth sign of Virgo.

Having the reputation of being over-thinkers, Virgos are hyper-aware even to the smallest of details. Thanks to their deep sense of humanity, they’re one of the most careful zodiac signs.

Their approach in life is logical, systematic, and practical. As an earth sign, a Virgo is a perfectionist at heart and doesn’t back down from any chance to improve his/her skills with hard work. And being quick to notice flaws and fix them, Virgos are some of the best people to be around with because they help others reach their highest potential.

Nonetheless, such perfectionism can make them too critical of others, as well as themselves. Join us as we probe closer into a Virgo’s traits, compatibility, and some facts about this earth sign.

What Is A Virgo? Astrology Facts And FAQ About This Earth Sign

What is a virgo?

Virgo Dates

Virgo season starts on August 23 and ends on September 21. People born between those dates are a Virgo sign.

Virgo Facts

Below are some facts about Virgo:

  1. Virgo is an Earth sign that’s historically represented by the goddess of wheat and agriculture, alluding to the sign’s prominent presence in the material world.
  2. Mercury in Virgo makes them generally adept at analyzing, sorting, and making sense of things.
  3. Bright small flowers like Buttercups are the Virgo’s birth flowers. Other flower associations can also include Asters and Chrysanthemums.
  4. The symbol for Virgo is the Virgin. Rather than associating with sexual purity, this symbol signifies Virgos’ pure intentions and desire to find purpose.
  5. Quicksilver is the metal association of Virgo.
  6. Virgo is associated with gemstones like sapphire, sardonyx, and yellow agate.
  7. As the 6th sign, Virgo belongs to the sixth house.
  8. Its color associations are beige, grey and navy blue.

What is the personality of a Virgo?

Virgo is about input and processing. This means they tend to deal with information like a computer, enabling them to transform even the most complex information into clear, organized concepts. They are typically cool as a cucumber on the surface, however, underneath it, are so many thoughts going on. Virgos are nitpicky, to say the least, calculating and assessing people and events around them. But because of their fixation on details, they can become overly critical and often find themselves bothered about matters that don’t have much importance to others.

As meticulous as they are in virtually every pursuit, Virgos must remember that relentlessly chasing after the ideal can be bad when applied to self or others. Imperfections are part of every human being, and still, beauty exists within those flaws. Virgos don’t usually realize that flaws are not defects. Perhaps because of their penchant for analyzing stuff make them extremely detail-oriented.

They also don’t have any problem being alone. In fact, at times, they enjoy alone time more than socializing with others. Virgo people are also attracted and inspired by beauty. They’re at their happiest when their life looks Instagram-perfect. Also, these people love trying new things and learning about anything. As such, their impressive intellect and resourcefulness are of great help in solving their problems. Overall, Virgos are kind and supportive people who are ready to help.

Facts about virgos

What are Virgo Strengths?

1. Problem-solver
Combined with their resourcefulness and intellect, Virgos are great at solving problems. Possibly also because they like feeling being needed, they like tackling problems of their loved ones and the people around them.

2. Intelligent
With Mercury as its ruling planet, it’s no wonder why Virgo people are incredibly intelligent. On top of that, they don’t stop learning because they’re always eager to expand their knowledge reserves. They typically follow a system when living their lives, ensuring that they didn’t miss any loophole unpatched.

3. Faithful
Romantic relationships with Virgos are normally long-lasting and peaceful. One of the main reasons for this is the fact that they’re very devoted to their partner. Betrayal is not in their vocabulary, and they hardly ever go astray from their relationship.

4. Dependable
Virgo people are known for being incredibly reliable. They keep their words and keep up with commitments. If you have them on your side, they won’t leave you in a tough situation.

What are Virgo Weaknesses?

1. Critical
Virgo’s high standards for themselves and even for others. They like doing things the exact way they deem right and perfect. Thus, they aren’t afraid to criticize other people’s works if these are not on par with their standards. Needless to say, they can be overly critical and demanding even.

2. Judgemental
Another discouraging trait of a Virgo is his/her tendency to be judgemental. Virgos typically judge people based on a certain viewpoint, instead of considering all other aspects.

3. Stubborn
Being a matter-of-fact type of person, a Virgo has his/her own clear idea of every situation. Most often, it’s impossible to change their mind. And due to their critical and analytical mindset, not to mention, great attention to detail, they can be close-minded when it comes to other people’s viewpoints. They’re more of a “shut up and just follow me” person instead of being agreeing.

4. Fussy
Virgos are also over-particular individuals. They fuss over on the tiniest things that they get lost in the details. It’s like they can’t take a minute to chill down, mulling over a problem or situation for too long and too much.

Virgo Traits

Who should a Virgo marry?

The most compatible signs of Virgo are Taurus, Scorpio, and Cancer.

  • Taurus
    • Taurus will be understanding, sympathetic, and supportive of a Virgo. They’re very caring and stable, so they make amazing partners.
  • Virgo
    • Virgo is a calm and rational person that balances out Scorpio’s intense and emotional nature. Both signs can hold deep intellectual conversations.
  • Cancer
    • Then there’s also Cancer. By nature, a Virgo is gentle and caring, something that’s very compatible with emotionally-driven Cancer. A Cancer partner will like your perfectionism since it makes them feel secure and stable.

Who should a Virgo avoid?

Virgos should avoid marrying a fellow Virgo. Sure, their strengths can complement each other, however, it’s their weak points that are the problem. Instead of strengthening their relationship, their negative traits will only cause more problems.

Another sign a Virgo should be wary is Sagittarius. Trust will always be an issue with this pair up. Plus, Virgo’s nitpickiness will bore and frustrate Sagittarius. Their ways are very different too like Sagittarius has no problem cutting corners whereas a Virgo feels insecure and nervous with this approach.


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